Our Adelante PTA helps our school by funding school buses for two field trips per grade, subsidizing science camp tuition, and purchasing books that are not in the school budget.  Updating for 2023-24


Matching- Adelante Overview Document

Did you know that some companies/organizations have matching grants and if you donate to PTA they will match your donation.


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How it's done...

PTA organizes two major fundraisers. In 2022 we migrated both fundraisers to an on-line donation platform to help make it easier for parents to participate.

  • Adelante Ninos:  Is our annual donation ask from families. Parents receive an email and are asked to make a small donation. Parents are also given an option to donate at a higher level if they can. Parents can select a PTA Bundle and also select some appreciation gifts.   This fundraiser is held for 2-3 weeks in the fall/winter.


  • Reading Marathon (click for details): Is our oldest fundraiser and we ask families to seek sponsorship from friends and family. Students and families are asked to set reading and fundraising goals. Parents will get an email with the students personal link which can be shared with friends and family to get them to donate to help the child achieve their goal.  This event kick off in in late mid February with general information sent via parent square and the student is asked to start reading the week before ski week and then continue read during ski week..


Additional ways we raise funds:

  • Eating out on Spirit Nights (Restaurant nights) - Organized by our 5th or 8th grade PC with help of 5th or 8th grade parents
  • Buying Spirit Gear
  • Matching Grants talk with our President to see if you company can match donations


Thanks for all you do to make our school great!